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Podcast: NBA Draft Preview

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Top Prospects Best Fits | Part 2

Around draft time you often hear prospects say during interviews, “I don’t care how high I go in the draft. I just want to land with the right team.” There are a few superstar talents in the NBA (LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, etc.) who would become superstars no matter what team they were drafted by; however, for the overwhelming majority of NBA players their circumstances are incredibly important in determining their immediate success in the league.

It’s all about the right fit. Fit is a complicated concept but in its simplest form it can be broken down into three aspects: Environment, opportunity and playing/ coaching style. Fit is more detrimental to some players than others based on talent levels and skill sets.

Top Prospects Best Fits | Part 2 : Brad Beal, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Andre Drummond

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