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NBA Rookie Project Analyzing and predicting the success of NBA rookies


Draft Recap: Undrafted Rookies

Ohio State swingman David Lighty has gotten a lot of attention from NBA teams

Every year well known collegiate basketball stars go undrafted but this doesn’t mean that they won’t make a living playing basketball professionally somewhere around the world. A select few of these undrafted players will even make their way into the NBA. Fans are often left wondering “What happened to ____? He was pretty good in college” for the rest of these guys.
This should help answer that question.

Please comment with any players that you would like to see added to the list!
Click here for the First Round of the NBA Draft


NBA Draft Recap: Surprises and Sleepers

Cory Joseph might have been the least expected first round pick of the draft

This year wasn’t quite as unpredictable and crazy as some people anticipated but there were still a fare share of surprises. I’m not talking about the kind of surprises like the Timberwolves finding out the player they thought was 21 actually turning out to be 26 (I hate when that happens..), but a few first round selections were pretty unexpected.

Each year it’s also good to analyze which prospects fell too far or are underrated. It’s best to read up on the sleeper picks now and be ready when they start to turn heads in the NBA.

Here are the draft’s Surprises and Sleepers

Click here for the first round
Click here for the second round


NBA Draft Podcast

Had a great podcast show with AC's Spotlight and Rafelito reviewing most of the NBA draft and getting my overall impressions. A little long but it's definitely worth a listen!


Final 2011 First Round Mock Draft

The NBA Draft is less than 24 hours away!

Here’s our final first round mock draft with comments and explanations


2011 Mock Draft – Second Round

The second round of the NBA draft is usually very difficult to predict because so many teams have varying needs and skills they covet. This off season makes drafting a second rounded even more complex because of the upcoming lockout. A lockout would greatly reduce the opportunities for a second round pick to prove themselves in front of their team's coaching staff and compete for a roster spot. Because development will be impacted so teams may be looking for more mature, prepared players that would be disciplined enough to workout through an extended off season.

Click here for the First Round

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