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2010 Draft Night Diary – First Round

Posted by Melcolm Ruffin

John Wall Draft Night Picture

Follow the 2010 NBA Draft as it happened in our Draft Night Diary. Recap the selections, trades, and all of the excitement


2009 Draft

Posted by Melcolm Ruffin


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2009 Rookie Predictions


Evan Turner’s Potential

Posted by Melcolm Ruffin


By: Melcolm Ruffin

June 22, 2010

Scouts say Derrick Favors has potential. Some say Hassan Whiteside has potential. People even say that Solomon Alabi has potential. However, for some reason Evan Turner has not been associated with it. I’m not saying that Favors, Whiteside, and Alabi don’t have NBA potential, but I tend to define upside a little differently than a lot of basketball enthusiasts.

Potential is the possibility that a player will improve. Potential should not be based solely on a player’s age, athleticism, or lack of fundamentals. Instead I feel a player’s potential depends on their learning curve, coachability, work ethic, and their ability to execute. With this new definition it is clear that Evan Turner has as much potential as anyone else in the 2010 NBA Draft, especially since he has already proven that he can make large leaps in skill and performance.


2010 NBA Mock Draft – Second Round

Posted by Melcolm Ruffin

By: Melcolm Ruffin
June 20, 2010

The second round of the draft is definitely hard to predict. The talent begins to round out and less players stand out among the crowd. It will come down to the team's preference. Because the talent pool is fairly level in the second round teams tend to pick based on whether a prospect fits the team's need or if the player has a particular niche they can fill.

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2010 NBA Mock Draft – First Round

Posted by Melcolm Ruffin

By: Melcolm Ruffin
June 19, 2010

With the Draft less than a week away, the selection order of the picks is becoming clearer. Teams’ scouts and player personnel crews have watched hours of game tape, worked out players, and even psycho analyzed these prospects. Obviously things are subject to change due to draft night trades and teams moving up and down. The unpredictable nature of the draft is what makes the draft so much fun, but we will know the truth on June 24th once each team is on the draft clock.

Will any major stars change teams? What team will look to dump salary cap with this much expected free agency period coming up? What will the Trail Blazers do? It will undoubtedly be an exciting night. Without any further adieu, NBA Rookie Project’s extended first round mock draft.

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